Thank you for your overwhelming support of our brand! We could not be more grateful!

Our number 1 goal is to bring you TOP quality AFFORDABLE nail polish! This is why, even with a necessary increase to keep our "doors" open, our prices will remain unbeatable throughout each and every collection we bring you!

As of Tuesday, April 10, 2018, pricing is as follows:


  • $6.50 for individual bottles
  • $6.00 each in full collection sets

 OVER-POUR PRICES - This is the last opportunity to purchase the available colors, as they are no longer in production after pre-order. We do not restock colors from our collections.

  • $6.50 - $7.00 each 

 PREMIUM POLISH - Occasionally, we will create polish colors containing premium pigments that are very expensive to acquire. When these colors are available they will have special pricing. Note: Although our holographic and UCC flake polishes are premium products, most do fall under our normal pricing above!

  • $8.00 each for individuals and in collection sets

Includes: high concentration ultra holographics, duo-chromes, multi-chromes, aurora pigment, combinations of both or either with holographic.

Our polish bottles are full size 12 mL. All polish is handmade, tested, and hand-poured with love & care.