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Now in our NEW Full-Size bottle!

Polish Description: Envy. Green to colorless thermal polish packed with silver and gold holographic glitter.

Over-pour will be available for immediate shipping on 3/30!

Due to our polish's handmade and hand-poured nature, we'll likely have at least 1 bottle of over-pour after pre-orders end. So if you missed out during pre-order, you're in luck!

Our colors are all limited edition and are not produced again after pre-order.

Opacity: 2-3 coats 
Texture: Slight Texture 
Finish: Holographic, Glitter, Thermal 
Base and Top Coats: Recommended

About Thermal Polish: Thermal polish does have a limited shelf life when it comes to their color shifting abilities. Your Invidia polish should retain its ability to change color for about 6 months to 1 year. Our polish is not kept in a temperature controlled environment during transit, so it may require time to cool off or warm up upon arrival before color transitioning is visible. Color will shift to its warm sate at about 88 degrees Fahrenheit.


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