About Color Infinity

Our #1 goal is to provide you with TOP quality, fabulous indie nail polish with all the creative flair, fun, and HOLO you could ever want: at a great price!

Once a month we release a new collection of limited edition colors.

Our set-up is similar to a monthly cosmetic "box" except you can purchase as few or as many colors as you want from our collections each month.

The colors in each collection are available to order for 11 days beginning the last Friday of every month and ending two Mondays later at 11:59 PM Eastern. 

During this pre-order period there is virtually no limit on available stock (unless we are unable to obtain supplies for some reason).

For every collection we will have an initial batch of each color available to ship immediately, so order early!

Once the initial batches sellout, all colors for the month will remain available through the pre-order time and will ship within 10 days of the ordering period end date.

Orders are shipped in the order they were received. 

After the pre-order period ends the colors are no longer produced. However, any over production of colors will be stocked and listed once all pre-orders are shipped out.

Want to potentially have a say in the colors we create?

Follow us on Instagram @mycolorinfinity!

Vote on our themes we post, like inspiration photos we post, or even post your own inspiration pictures and ideas in our Facebook Group!

 We'll also create and share colors for each collection, inspired by things we love, and have other fun ways for you to get involved in the process.

Don't wait! Give us a follow @mycolorinfinity and join-in the fun for the upcoming month!  We want to create polish you LOVE. The possibilities are endless!